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You could curate the perfect Health & Wellbeing Weekend to suit your body's needs by registering for all the right sessions. Here's what was on offer throughout the event:

At the DO stage -  Get in your zen zone - the DO space is all about bringing your true, relaxed self to a range of fitness classes, including Pilates, yoga and Xtend Barre. Here, you have permission to stretch and sweat, just like you would at your favourite fitness studio - so bring your best gym clothes, towel and a bottle of water, and come be a part of these energetic group sessions.

At the THINK stage - Prepare to nourish your mind with new and insightful learnings over at the THINK stage. Whatever your needs and interests - from fitness to wellbeing - you'll find a range of sessions to get excited about - all led by some of the health sphere's leading experts. Check out the lists for both Saturday and Sunday, and start registering for your pick of incredible events.

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Weekend Sessions

DO Stage

Be still, relax and unwind with Yin Yoga

We’ll be kicking off Health & Wellbeing Weekend the way we mean to carry on – so come join us for this invigorating Yin Yoga sesh to get you in your zen zone all event long. With the backdrop of stunning Sydney Harbour to enjoy as you begin with salutes the sun and end with sleeping swan, it’s going to be the perfect beginning to this fabulous, feel good weekend. Join Mel McLaughlin from theyinspace to find a calmer and more relaxed grounded ‘you’.

Let Life In and Discover Your Inner Strength with Holden & Good Health

High energy levels is something we all want to experience and it’s something we all want while squeezing the most out of everyday life. The new Holden Cascada is all the motivation you need to get out there and experience the world. Just pop the top and let life around you, in. Join us at a session with Xtend Barre and feel on top of the world. #CascadaLetLifeIn

Natio brings you a relaxing yoga session to nourish body and soul

Natio and Kristy Bradley, beauty editor at Woman’s Day, team up to bring you a relaxing yoga session that will nourish your body and soul. Register online now, don’t miss out! Join Mel McLaughlin from theyinspace to find a calmer and more relaxed grounded 'you'.

Find your beautiful with Aveeno & Good Health

Join this invigorating, interactive Xtend Barre class with Johnson & Johnson Aveeno and Good Health magazine. Take the first step to starting your summer right, and give your body a boost in the best way possible – because health and fitness begins with having fun! Every participant will be gifted a free Aveeno moisturiser too. Register online today so you don’t miss out!

Trim and tone with Tania

Join Health & Wellbeing Weekend Ambassador, Tania Zaetta, for a unique Pilates class at the DO Stage. The well-known TV and radio personality is a certified Pilates and Barre Pilates instructor, author of newly released book ‘Trim & Tone with Tania’ and founder of the Tania Zaetta ‘6 Wk Trim & Tone’ Online Pilates & Weightloss Program’. A unique program that helps women achieve a long, lean and feminine look, without aggressive exercises. Tania’s sought after ‘tight tummy & firm butt’ exercises promises to leave you feeling stronger and re-energised. Get your active wear ready at this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Register today to secure your place!

Get ready to amplify your workout!

Get ready to amplify your workout, tone your body and increase your core strength with this incredible Xtend Barre class. This challenging and exhilarating session brings elements of dance, ballet and Pilates together to create an elegant and energetic class both on the floor and at the barre. Improve your flexibility, balance and posture all in one – register today!


Learn how to improve balance and challenge your core

If you haven’t yet been introduced to Xtend Barre and are looking for a fresh group fitness class that challenges your body in the best possible ways, then join director of Xtend Barre, Shay Stafford, for the ultimate session to get your body on point. Learn about the benefits of Xtend Barre, a blend of Pilates, ballet and dance that strengthens, lengthens and tones the body. Plus, experience in-session demos and enjoy a Q&A to help you uncover how to enhance flexibility, improve balance and challenge your core. Register now!

Get back to the Real You with XL-S Medical and Woman's Day

Register your interest to find out how you can lose up to 3 X more weight than from dieting alone. Come and hear about Europe's No1 weight loss product XL-S Medical and meet those who have lost weight over 12 weeks with the help of XL-S Medical, an improved diet and regular exercise. Director at Nutrition Plus, Melanie McGrice will lead the discussion on 'diet, exercise and keeping motivated whilst on a weight loss journey' and the XL-S Medical team will be there to talk all about the XL-S Medical triple action effect.

Veet’s More Empowered You Workshop with Debbie Spellman

Want to feel more empowered this Summer? Research highlights that nearly 2 out of 3 women want to learn how to value, respect and honour themselves more. Learn how to promote a positive mindset, be comfortable in your own skin, and put yourself first with leading life coach, mind detox therapist and empowerment expert, Debbie Spellman, at this special workshop bought to you by Veet. Places are limited, register now!

Healthy Mood Food

Join expert dietitian Melanie McGrice, as she shares nutrition facts, dietary tips, and healthy eating advice on what foods have a positive impact on your wellbeing and mood. Watch as Melanie reveals her secret recipe for salmon risotto, and don’t miss out on the step-by-step demonstration showing how to create this delicious meal.

Be trim not skinny, toned not bulky, with Tania’s personal nutrition tips

Meet Health & Wellbeing Ambassador, Tania Zaetta, Author of ‘Trim & Tone with Tania’ and founder of the Tania Zaetta Online Pilates Program, learn her tips and tricks for creating the perfect healthy snacks to help fuel and nourish your body. A fully qualified natural beauty therapist who specialises in health and nutrition, Tania will be demonstrating how to make easy, everyday, delicious and nutritious snacks to help you achieve a trim toned and strong body for the long term. Spaces are limited, book today!

Holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing with Blake Worrall-Thompson

Catch Bondi-based celebrity personal trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson’s revealing and inspiring session, where you’ll learn the benefits of taking a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. The founder of Six Weeks To Sexy and Six Weeks To Shredded, and the trainer behind The Bachelorette Sam Frost’s incredible bod, Blake’s motivating and inspiring approach to living your best life is one worth signing up for – don’t miss out!